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Antique Amontillado Sherry  Fernando de Castilla  50cl

Antique Amontillado Sherry Fernando de Castilla 50cl

A very serious and austere Sherry with the classic greenish amber tint, typical of aged amontillados of a rich golden colour. There is a real tang to both nose and palate with orange peel, eucalyptus, varnished wood, fennel and a myriad of other flavours and sensations singing subdued screams against the background canvas of stark dryness and tense acidity defeated by the overwhelming complexities - a really sublime wine.Ideal with consommé, hard cheeses or tapas dishes such as oxtail of chorizo sausage. Highly recommended with chicken liver parfait.Suitable for vegans.Suitable for vegetarians.Grapes are sourced from Fernando de Castilla's partners vineyards in the Jerez district. The soil type is Albariza. Picking takes place in early September. Fernando de Castilla deals only in prestigious, premium wines. The sherries are all from individual soleras. They are bottled without blending, cold stabilization or filtration of any kind in order to preserve the subtlety, purity and distinctive aromas of these premium wines. The products are all bottled in clear glass to show off the wonderful colour of the wines. Fernando de Castilla Antique Amontillado comes from a very old Fino (8 yrs old) which is refortified from 15.5% to 18.0% ABV and introduced into a solera of Amontillado where it spends a further 12 years. This Sherry is the winner of numerous awards and medals.


Producer: Fernando de Castilla

Product Code: 625

Availability: 15

Atom Splitter City Of Cambridge Brewery 12 X 500ml

Atom Splitter City Of Cambridge Brewery 12 X 500ml

An amber coloured beer with plenty of character.


Producer: City of Cambridge Brewery

Product Code: 300

Availability: 7

Barbadillo Amontillado Sherry Jerez Spain 75cl

Barbadillo Amontillado Sherry Jerez Spain 75cl

Delightful amber colour. The smooth aromas tell of ageing in wood and reveal a touch of cinnamon; These same characteristics appear on the palate. Smooth and honest with a pleasant persistence.Serve with appetisers such as ham, nuts and cheeses. Try with fish such as dogfish or hake. Also great with clams and hot soups. It even goes wll at the end of a meal with fruits such as mandarin, orange and peach.


Producer: Barbadillo

Product Code: 346

Availability: 55

Black Noble Premium Dessert Wine  De Bortoli  Riverina 37.5cl

Black Noble Premium Dessert Wine De Bortoli Riverina 37.5cl

Amber colour with olive green hues. The nose has hints of toffee and coffee with raisins and mandarin peel. Unique and delicious flavours of rich raisin and dried date fruit with hints of citrus peel and caramel flavours. Concentrated and viscous with lingering aged complexity. Suggested Cuisine Enjoy with Christmas pudding or sticky date pudding. Try poured over vanilla ice cream or with a cheese platter after dinner. General Characteristics Sweet / Medium bodied. Winemaking When the botrytised Semillon grapes are being harvested for Noble One, a parcel of fruit at approx 20-22 baume is selected to produce the Black Noble intense and ripe botrytis flavours. Very little fermentation occurs before fortification with a neutral grape spirit is added to inhibit any further fermentation. Black Noble is then clarified, a touch of brandy spirit added for further complexity before being transferred into used Noble One barriques. Cellaring The wine has been aged in barrel and is designed for current consumption but will keep in the bottle for several years. 


Producer: De Bortoli

Product Code: 665

Availability: 2

Blandys 2010 Harvest Malmsey Madeira 50cl

Blandys 2010 Harvest Malmsey Madeira 50cl

Amber medium dark colour, with a golden green reflection (nuance) and a slow teardrop. With a characteristic Madeira bouquet, very fine floral tea with dry fruits, toffee, wood (oak-toasted), old brandy notes and some vanilla. It’s sweet, full rich, smooth, bodied, and has a long aftertaste, fresh with fine notes of vanilla and honey, with some notes of caramel and wood.Blandy's Harvest is fined and does not require decanting. It is an excellent accompaniment to rich desserts and cheese. It has been bottled when ready for drinking and will keep for several months after opening.Blandy’s Harvest Malmsey was aged in seasoned American oak casks in the traditional ‘Canteiro’ system. The ageing was done in the traditional ‘Canteiro’ system, whereby the wine is gradually transferred from the higher lodges’ attics, where the natural warmth of the sun contributes to the concentration of the wines, and temperatures are higher, to the middle floors, where temperatures are milder, and eventually, to the ground floor where temperatures are cooler. During this ageing, the wine underwent regular racking, and before finally being bottled, all wines are fined. All through the ageing process, the primary fruit flavours of the wine are gently transformed into tertiary dried fruit notes that produce Madeira unique hallmark bouquet.


Producer: Blandy's

Product Code: 742

Availability: 41

Mixed Case 12 x 500ml bottles City Of Cambridge Ales

Mixed Case 12 x 500ml bottles City Of Cambridge Ales

4 Bottles of each of the following City of Cambridge Ales.Boathouse Bitter 3.8% volA light copper coloured session bitter, quenching and dry with a pleasant aroma created from the distinctive floral and citrus cascade hops. Hobsons Choice 4.2% vol A light golden bitter with a pronounced hop aroma, contributing to the refreshing aftertaste. Atom Splitter 4.5% volAn amber coloured beer with plenty of character.


Producer: City of Cambridge Brewery

Product Code: 301

Availability: 3

Old Boys 21 Year Old Barrel Aged Tawny 75cl

Old Boys 21 Year Old Barrel Aged Tawny 75cl

Classic tawny colour with streaks of amber. An array of aromas are on display with dark raisined fruits, mocha, hints of vanillin oak and nutty aged barrel characters. Initially luscious, nuances of mocha and coffee have integrated over time, barrel aged flavours in harmony resulting in a smooth, lingering drying finish.General Characteristics Sweet / Medium bodied. Suggested Cuisine Tawnys are a traditional after dinner wine that can be savoured with a platter of cheeses or a rich fruit or chocolate dessert. Wine making: Fruit is allowed to stay on the vine until very sweet and an intense concentration of flavours has developed. After crushing and partial fermentation to retain some sweetness, the wine is pressed and then fortified with a neutral spirit prior to maturation in small and large format oak casks. Cellaring: With an average age of 21 years, Old Boys Barrel Aged Tawny can be cellared for extended maturation in bottle but is blended to be enjoyed on opening at any time. 


Producer: De Bortoli

Product Code: 663

Availability: 4

30 Year Old Tawny Port 50cl in Callisto Bottle in Gift Box  Barao de Vilar

30 Year Old Tawny Port 50cl in Callisto Bottle in Gift Box Barao de Vilar

This wine has a deep amber colour with copper hues, smooth aromas of hazelnuts and vanilla notes. Smooth as silk, with flavours of honey, chocolate and toffee, balanced by refreshing acidity leading to an elegant finish.The perfect Port as an aperitif or when indulging in desserts or dark chocolate and dried fruits.


Producer: Barao de Vilar

Product Code: 408

Availability: 21

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